Social and Environmental Responsibility

Our group is committed to participate actively in social responsibility and environmental preservation projects.

Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of everyone, by associating with partners that promote the social, environmental, cultural and sport enhancement.

Our partners
Zero Desperdício
The Associação Dariacordar, through its Zero Desperdício (Zero Waste), promotes the recovery of alimentary surplus that normally were not used by the kitchen.

The Altis Hotels Group are partners since March 2013 with the Associação dos Albergues Noturnos de Lisboa by donating of 55 meals per week.   

AdaPT AC:T  
The Altis Grand Hotel is a partner of the project AdaPT AC:T, which seeks to develop a methodology that allow the evaluation of vulnerabilities of tourism enterprises regarding climate changes and to support the process of creation of adaptation plans.

The project is funded by EEAgrants and Fundo Português de Carbono (Portuguese Carbon Fund), the partners are te NEC and the IPMA, seven hotel groups and collaborative entities. 
Comunidade Vida e Paz


Santa Casa da Misericórdia

The Group has a collection program, washing and donating slippers, to charities. In an environmental way, this project aims to increase the life cycle of slippers and from the social point of view give comfort to those in need.

Nominee for the Solidarity Project of the 3rd Edition of the AHRESP awards.

The Lisbon City Council signed the partnership agreement with Altis Hotels, among others, Azad Lda, the Association of Hoteliers of Portugal, Turismo de Lisboa and the Sociedade Ponto Verde for the implementation of URBAN-WASTE. Two of the main objectives are to reduce 2.5% of total urban waste produced by tourists and increase the separation of recyclable materials by 40%.
Rede Eletrão

In the hotel sector, Altis Hotels pioneered in 2016, in partnership with Amb3E - Portuguese Association of Waste Management, which is the managing entity of the Electron Network, responsible for the collection and referral for treatment and recovery of waste electrical equipment and (WEEE) and lamps.

This protocol includes the conversion of the amount of waste collected per year in financial support to be delivered to an IPSS identified by Altis Hotels.


Altis Hotels, in June 2017, was the first group of hotels to join the EcoEscovinha project, managed by the Association of Optimistic Kids, Healthy Kids - MOMS.

EcoEscovinha's main objective is to raise awareness for the promotion of oral health and one of the initiatives is the collection and referral for recycling of used toothbrushes. These brushes are delivered to Extruplás Lda, where they are crushed and incorporated, 100%, in the production of urban furniture.


Altis Hotels joined, in September 2015, the 100% Portuguese Nespresso project "Reciclar é Alimentar", which transforms Nespresso coffee capsules into meals for the Food Bank Against Hunger.

"Recycling is Food" consists of the collection of Nespresso capsules for recycling and consequent use of the coffee grounds (resulting from the process of separating the aluminum from the capsules). This coffee grounds are later integrated into an agricultural compound, used to fertilize rice fields located in the Alentejo, and later processed, controlled and packaged for donation to the Food Bank Against Hunger.

Hospital Center of Lisbon
Altis Hotels joined the CHLC - Hospital Dona Estefânia, in the campaign to collect plastic lids for the sale and recycling of this material.

The amount obtained will revert to the acquisition of necessary equipment for the Hospital.
Central Hospital of Lisbon
Altis Hotels, within the framework of the Foot Slippers Project, associated itself with the Central Hospital of Lisbon in the donation of bedroom slippers for inpatient patients. This partnership began in August 2017 with the donation of 1,286 pairs of bedroom slippers.
Campaign to support victims of fires
The Altis Hotels, in August 2017, created a campaign to support fire victims in partnership with Caritas Diocesana in Lisbon, which resulted in the collection of 215 kg of clothing donated by Altis Hotels.
Serve the City
Serve the City is a volunteer network that has been in Portugal since 2007 and its mission is to mobilize as many people as possible, through punctual activities and continuity projects based on social volunteering.
Altis Hotels has been associated with Serve the City since September 2017 through the voluntary, monthly participation of its employees in support of the confection of the "Community Dinners".
Casa Pia

Altis Hotels and Casa Pia of Lisbon established a cooperation protococo in March 2014 for the integration of young graduates of CPL, I.P in training in the work context.

This protocol was extended, in 2016, to include the Business Mentoring project, assuming Altis as mentor of the Professional Courses of Kitchen Technician and Pastry and Restaurant Technician and Bar, both Level 4 certification, with a view to improving the training and adjusting it to the needs of the labor market, creating better employability conditions for future professionals.

Quercus   Implemented since 2008, the Green Cork, a Quercus project dedicated to the collection of corks for recycling.

The Altis Group has partnered with Quercus, by identifying with the objectives of enhancement of cork as a natural and Portuguese resource. The plan to achieve this pass by planting indigenous trees and by the reduction of waste production.

Through the funds that Quercus received for the delivery to recycling about 235 tones of cork stoppers, were already plantated about 200 thousand trees (2014 data).

In 2013, the Green Cork was honored by European Union as on of the best projects that combat the climate changes under the competition "A World that pleases me.". 
Rede Electrão
Altis Hotels participated in the challenge launched by Ecopilhas, under the 6th public collection of cells and bateries, that resulted in donation to the IPO of two threatment equipments for cancer patients.

All the Altis Hotels provide recipients to collecting used batteries, that we send to Rede Electrão.
The used food oils are collected in all the kitchens of Altis Group and forwarded to be recycled for the production of biofuels, paints, greases, lubricants and detergents.

The used olid soap are collected in all the rooms of Altis Group hotels and forwarded to be recycled for the production of candles, paints, greases and lubrificants.
 HOSPES Program


The Altis Hotels are part of the HOSPES Program, a corporate program of Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability developed by the Hotel Association of Portugal (AHP).

The pillars of HOSPES - social responsibility, environmental sustainability and circular economy - are reflected in the actions developed by the program, such as the donation of mattresses from hotels to charitable institutions and the adoption of best practices in the collection, treatment and recycling of various types of hotel waste.