Environmental Policy

The Altis Avenida Hotel, located in a building with significant historical and architectural importance, compromises itself in applying the environmental requirements defined by law and in accordance to the standard NP EN ISO 14001 in all service areas of the hotel.

The environmental protection occupies a prominent place in the objectives of Altis Avenida Hotel.

Aware of its responsibilities, Altis Avenida is committed to promoting the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution, making a commitment to the continuous improvement of its services and contributing to a sustainable development, considering the suitability to the context of the organization.

To ensure this objective, management commits itself to create and make technical, human and financial resources to:

- Optimization of water and energy consumption;
- Waste reduction / elimination;
- Include employees in social and environmental solidarity actions in our community;
- Reduction and optimization of waste management;
- The awareness and involvement of employees, partners and customers on the environmental aspects related to their activities and functions;
- Compliance with applicable legislation requirements and with the requirements of standard NP EN ISO 14001
- Periodically review your environmental performance.
- Optimize consumption of water and energy

The management and employees of all sections of Altis Avenida Hotel are responsible for the development of environmental goals and targets, where they are assessed through audits. Based on these evaluations management periodically establishes new objectives and goals to be achieved, ensuring continuous improvement of the entire system.